Dog days of summer
All smiles
More smiles
Pretty girl
Who wants a treat?
Cover girl
Making friends is the name of the game
Play time
Time for a nap
The girls helping at a show
Spot the real corgi?
A covergirl in the making
Client post groom
Storm shelter
We are prepared for those pesky tornados. Got the largest shelter we could right smack in the middle of our yards. Complete with kennels, water and food.
Before and after
Airedale Terrier before
Before and after
Airedale Terrier after
Before and after
Poodle before
Before and after
Poodle after
Before and after
sheepdog before
Before and after
sheepdog after
Before and after
Corgi groom before
Before and after
Corgi groom after
Before and after
Mini Schnauzer before
Before and after
Mini Schnauzer after
Before and after
Brittany Spaniel after
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We are conveniently  located on the south side of Tecumseh Road (NW 16th) just west of Pendergraft Road (look for green gate).

*About 2 miles south of Hwy 37

*Approximately 1.5 miles west of Hwy 76

*Approximately 3 miles east of Hwy 4

*(405) 999-5822

***(Note-Our address is 902 Pendergraft Road, Blanchard. Our boarding facility is on our property behind our house. Please do not use our personal driveway off Pendergraft. Be sure to enter off 16th St. Refer to above directions, call with any questions). 


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Time for a nap